Aero Solutions

Company Overview

Our Group:

Our group, established in 1998, seeks highly motivated structural engineers seeking to work in an innovative work environment.  Our focus is design engineering and product development for the renewable energy and wireless telecom industries. Our engineered solutions or products (structural systems, supporting design software) are frequently industry standards for the major wireless providers (i.e., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) and international renewable energy companies (Siemens, Gamesa, others).


Our Culture:

Our culture is stimulating and important to us.  We value professional development, respect for each other’s contributions and meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations.  Headquartered in Boulder, CO, our team members enjoy the natural beauty of working at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and the cultural and urban benefits of nearby Denver. 


Our Group:

Our group shares a core competency of bringing together engineering solutions and products to infrastructure challenges.


Our companies include Aero Solutions focused on wireless infrastructure solutions, Wind Tower Technologies: focused on large wind tower structures and Comptek: having expertise in structural composites manufacturing and applications and telecommunication infrastructure products. It is anticipated that candidates may support each affiliated company activities.,,