Company Name:

Pier 1


Fort Worth, TX

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified


April 10, 2019

Site Reliability Engineer


You will routinely be:

  • Managing the build and deploy infrastructure for multiple software engineering teams.
  • Designing, building and managing the telemetry, monitoring, and alerting systems.
  • Documenting your decisions. Empower others with knowledge.
  • Improving the team. We can always be faster with higher quality. We can always tighten iteration cycles. You can help us get there.
  • Working with open source software. Removing proprietary software wherever possible.
Education & Experience

Things with which you should be familiar:

  • Designing cloud-native software. Node-level fault-tolerance. Lifecycle hooks.
  • Design considerations for scalable, asynchronous microservices.
  • CI/CD - why it s important and how it impacts distributed software development organizations
  • Infrastructure-as-code/immutable infrastructure, configuration-as-code, idempotency
  • Telemetry, tracing, logging, and alerting best-practices.
  • Internet fundamentals. HTTP/s, DNS, TCP/IP, security-by-design, caching.

Technologies we like:

  • GCP/AWS, Netflix OSS
  • Java, GoLang, Javascript, Python
  • Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Hashicorp products
  • Redis, Memcached, Rabbit, Kafka
  • Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server (in descending order of affinity)
  • GitLab, Atlassian products

Things you bring with you:

  • 1-3 years of experience in a similar role
  • Expertise in cloud infrastructure, cloud software deployment patterns, containerization, CI/CD, and telemetry best-practices
  • Experience with technologies like ansible, puppet, chef, Docker, Hashicorp products
  • Experience with orchestration platforms (Kubernetes)

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